Visiting markets, sun, sea and beach or hiking and biking through nature


Lac St Croix, enjoy swimming and sunbathing

At about fifteen minutes driving from Villa Chasanka you reach the beautiful Saint Croix lake where you can surf and swim, or rent a paddle boat or an electrical boat to have some fun.
When following the directions towards the town of Baudinard you will automatically get to the reservoir.
Keep left at the reservoir and after a few bends you will see a few larger buildings (sheds) on the left hand side and an area with containers to the right.
Here you need to enter, follow the trail down and you will arrive at the lake below.
Enjoy swimming and sunbathing as much as you want.

 Sillance la Cascade

A visit to the waterfalls of Sillans de Cascade is more than worth the drive.
Head in the direction of Aups – Salernes and turn right, just before the supermarket in the village of Aups, and after another 10 minutes of driving you reach Sillans de Cascade.
Sillans de Cascade also is a great place to enjoy hiking. You walk from the parking, just outside the village, through the olive groves to the waterfall (about 10 mins). There you can descend the stairs to the waterfall where the children can play or where you all can enjoy a nice picnic for example. The water of the river is turquoise blue and really beautiful. The stairs to get to the waterfall are a bit difficult to access with a stroller, a baby carrier is more recommendable. Also you can walk to a number of look-outs, which really offer a wonderful view.
Beautiful scenery with waterfalls.

Please make sure to wear good shoes, no slippers !!


 Markets and sightseeing spots in the Surroundings

In the picturesque Provencal villages of southern France, including Aups – Regusse – Salernes it is a nice idea to visit the local markets, and of course enjoy some food or drinks on one of the town terraces.

Canoeing or rafting through the canyons of Gorges du Verdon

The Gorges du Verdon offer many canoeing opportunities on both calm water and on the wilder parts of the Verdon river. With children it is advisable to choose canoeing or to rent a pedal boat at the location where the Verdon river flows into Lake Saint Croix. Here the current is not strong and you can also swim in the lake or river. The water has a fantastic azure blue color, that alone is worth seeing.

For those who seek more action, the Gorges du Verdon are a great place to be. You can go white-water canoeing, rafting, abseiling, bungee jumping etc. This takes place particularly on the east side of the Gorges, near the village of Castellane.

Mountain biking to Aups – Saint Marie Moustiers

The Provence is ideally suited for mountain biking. There are thousands of trails, which cross the countryside. The best thing to do is to discover a beautiful route by yourself, using a GPS, but at the local tourist office there are several routes available.
The cyclists who like to race are also very well served in Provence. There are many beautiful trails to ride. A very important tip is to leave early and to bring enough water, given the really quite hot summer temperatures. March, April, May, September and October are the ideal months for biking.

Make sure to prepare a good road bike – mountain bike and helmet.


Driving through the Canyons of Verdon by car or motorcycle.

Within 15 minutes you are in the Canyons of Verdon. This part of the Haut Provence is known among naturalists as the Mecca of southern France, where you can see really breathtaking panoramas.

Hiking through the Verdon park

Do you like hiking and Provence? Provence in Southern France is the ideal place to go for nice walks. There is a great variety of nature in a relatively small area.
The walkers among us will literally run out of time, as there are innumerous hiking trails of various distances and categories to lead you to the most beautiful spots of Provence where you can experience an extraordinary variety of nature.

Please make sure that you have good hiking boots.


French Riviera – Saint Tropez – Nice – Cannes –Monaco

For lovers of the Mediterranean sea, it is within easy reach, at about 60 kilometers from here you can visit many different places.